How to choose a dental implant dentist in NJ?

Deciding to have dental implants can be quite a big decision to make, and you’ll want to do everything possible to ensure treatment provides you with excellent results. Your choice of dentist can mean the difference between success and failure. It’s worth noting there’s no such thing as a dental implant specialist, as dental implants are not yet recognized as being a specialty. So how can you choose the best dental implant dentist in NJ? There are a number of different things worth considering which include:

  • Experience and training
  • Dental implant systems offered
  • Proximity of the dental office to home or work
  • Office opening hours
  • Do they regularly attend courses on dental implants, or perhaps even provide them for other dentists?

Experience is Important

Experience and training count for a lot, as some dental implant dentists in Passaic County will only have attended a weekend course on dental implantology, and may only place a few implants each year. Ask how many years they have been placing dental implants as it does take a lot of skill to become proficient in the planning and placement. If your implant isn’t correctly placed there is the risk it could affect nerves, blood vessels or sinus cavities, and it might not give the best aesthetic results.

An experienced implant dentist will ensure all vital structures are avoided, and that placement gives the very best final results. Once your implant has been finished it should look and feel very natural. Ask to see before and after photos of patients around Bergen County and other New Jersey areas who have had dental implants, and if possible read reviews and testimonials.

Ask Your Implant Dentist Which Systems They Use

Ideally, you want to choose an implant dentist in NYC who routinely places dental implants and who is familiar with several different dental implant systems rather than just one particular type. Choosing someone who often uses several different implant systems will ensure you get the best type of implant for your situation, increasing the chances of success.

Ask what make of implants they use, as you want to make sure your implant is from a reputable company. There are several well-known dental implant suppliers who are largely regarded as being world leaders in this field. Their products are very high quality and are backed up with years of research. It will also be far easier to have any parts replaced if necessary, and it will be easier for any good implant dentist to do this for you, regardless of where you are living at that time.

Choose Someone You Feel Comfortable With

Do you feel comfortable dealing with your chosen implant dentist? Is their office easily accessible from work or home? This is important as you will need to see them on a number of occasions, over a period of several months. Choose someone who is willing to provide you with lots of information, and who doesn’t mind answering all your questions.

Well-placed and properly planned dental implants in NYC typically have success rates of around 95% or more. This is a great treatment for replacing missing teeth, and carefully selecting your dentist should make sure you are very happy with the final results.