About Us

About SmilePartnerz in Wayne, New Jersey

Smilepartnerz of Wayne, New Jersey, the practice of Doctors Frank DiCicco, Michael Jaffin, Deepa Rupani, Joseph Pantaleo and Harry A. Long, is dedicated to excellence. Warm, friendly, compassionate — these are just a few of the words that describe Smilepartnerz, where our emphasis is on caring for patients. Our doctors are consummately concerned with facilitating patient comfort, and they have gone to impressive lengths to make our office inviting and relaxing. When you visit us, you’ll see technology and creativity come together to make everything easier for you.

When you walk into our comfortable office in Wayne, you’ll feel more like a guest than a patient. Muted colors, comfortable surroundings, and a friendly, attentive staff make your visit pleasant and enjoyable. Our office is more than beautiful, however — it’s also full of fun and unique surprises! We have been known to bake fresh, delicious Otis Spunkmeyer cookies for our guests. Because many of our patients are here for long appointments, we offer healthy, refreshing protein shakes to help them retain their stamina and have a more comfortable stay. During appointments, our patients can enjoy watching TV. All of our treatment rooms feature flat screen TV’s hooked directly into satellite for lots of viewing choices. We also offer specialty teas and pride ourselves on offering the best freshly brewed coffee around! Our wonderful staff members make each patient feel important and cared for.

Cleanings and Checkups

Regular cleanings and check-ups are the best way to assure the health of your teeth and gums. The links between gum disease and heart disease continue to be explored, and research suggests that gum disease may lead to heart disease in susceptible individuals. For this reason, we have a board certified periodontist, Dr. Michael Jaffin, on staff.

All of the experts suggest brushing at least twice a day and flossing at least once a day provides optimum health for gum tissue. So many of our patients at Smilepartnerz understand the value of healthy gums and are having their teeth cleaned regularly.

Convenient Early Morning and Early Evening Hours

We offer early morning and evening appointments. Call now to assure your convenient cleaning and check-up appointment! You can even book online by clicking the “Book Online” link.

In short, there is nothing intimidating about our practice. We are focused on our patients’ needs and are committed to helping each patient resolve problems in order to achieve a healthy, beautiful smile. To learn more about how Smilepartnerz of Wayne, New Jersey, and our dedicated dentists, Dr. Frank DiCicco, DMD, Dr. Michael Jaffin, DMD, Dr. Deepa Rupani, DMD, Dr. Joseph Pantaleo, DDS and Dr. Harry A. Long, DMD, can help you achieve your healthy dream smile, please contact us today!

In addition to comprehensive restorative dentistry, we offer soft tissue management. Our periodontic department is lead by Dr. Michael Jaffin.