Cosmetic Dentistry in Wayne, New Jersey

Cosmetic dentists, Drs. Frank DiCicco, Michael Jaffin, Deepa Rupani, Joseph Pantaleo and Harry Long provide expert dentistry in Wayne, New Jersey, where patient satisfaction is their main concern. Here is what their patients have to say. We are thankful for their kind words, and do everything we can to make sure all of our patients get the top-notch treatment and service they deserve.

Patient Reviews

Awesome as always! My veneers are almost seven years old and they look as wonderful – and my mouth looks as healthy – as they day the work was first done. Plus, I’ve never had any pain! Why can’t everything in life be this good?

A. M. K.

Professional & all around superb!

J. E.

Modern technology with the latest in dental technology and practices. I continue to visit Dr. Long because I know that he will always be up to date with the latest and greatest in dental practices. I wouldn’t trust my smile to anyone else!

E. S.

Dear Dr. Long & Staff, I remember calling your office on December 5th, 2006. I spoke with Gail. “I’m going away December 16th. Can my teeth be fixed by then Gail?” I had an appointment December 6th. Dr. Long looked at my teeth (which were bad, bonding that was fading away, fillings also yellowing). As he brought me into his office my heart sank. I thought he was going to say, “No, I can’t help you.” I was wrong. “I’ll have your teeth done by the 15th.” I cried. I’m 57 years old and this is the first time in my life that I smile. I always hid my teeth with my lips, now I can’t smile “BIG” enough. Dr. Long, thank you, for you are an angel sent from God to help us smile again. My husband also had work done by Dr. Long. We’re all happy.

P. D.

I can’t say enough good things about Invisalign, but more importantly the staff who made my smile one in a million. I’m 23 and have never had the self-esteem to readily smile until now thanks to Dr. Long & his staff. I don’t ever want to stop smiling. Every single person in that office is an angel. They have made my Invisalign experience as easy & painless as possible. Invisalign = $, making friends & the staff = priceless!

K. G.

What can you say about a person that changes your life? Harry will always be in my heart for changing not only my outer smile , but my inner one too! To say that seems almost trivial in the scheme of what it means to me. I cried tears of complete joy, when I saw my new smile.

D. F.

Been working with Harry & Tara and all the professional, personable, caring folks now for longer than I’d care to say, otherwise no prior experience with dental care even comes close to the outstanding results I keep coming back to sustain. Never thought it, but I look forward to ‘going to the dentist’, seeing people I really care for so they can care for me and teach me to take my part for good health. Smile center, indeed.

T. B.

Using Invisalign® was one of the easiest things I have ever done. I had metal braces for months and months years ago and would absolutely recommend Invisalign® over them any day. You don’t have to deal with food getting stuck or the look of a bunch of metal in your mouth. I loved the whole process as Dr. Long made it very enjoyable!

M. E.

My experience with Dr. Harry Long along with his staff have been so positive. Had fear of dentists my entire life until I went to Dr. Longs’ office. The caring that goes with the practice is so clear. My fear and apprehensions are gone. Thank you for making me smile again.

J. S.

Dr. Long and Staff, I love coming to the office because you are all so enthusiastic about what you do- it’s contagious! My new smile just thrills me to pieces. I recommend your office to everyone.

L. S.

Dr. Long and his staff are great. They’re friendly and caring. I love my new smile and have had so many compliments from family and friends. Thanks Dr. Long!

B. T.

Dr. Long & Staff have been our dentist for years. When we had children we considered going to a pediatric dentist. Instead, we decided to introduce Katie & Matt to Dr. Long & Staff and the kids just loved them. We can’t tell you how excited we get when our children tell other children ‘You have to go to our dentist, they are the best’. You all are the best and we thank you for all your support, kindness and especially our great smiles.

K. & B. P.

Implant is the nicest tooth in my mouth. Makes my whole smile nicer.

S. B.

I’m so happy I found Dr. Harry Long to fix my teeth. They look so beautiful now, and I feel prettier and older almost like a model. I just love my teeth. Dr. Long is so nice and cares. I just love my teeth now.

L. D.

As a patient of Dr. Long for over thirty years, I have always found his staff helpful and courteous. With the latest in dental equipment, technology, and special skills, Dr. Long has given his excellent care that produced a long desired winning smile. I leave his office a satisfied patient with my new toothbrush, dental floss and sometimes a coupon.

S. B.

Dear Dr. Long And Staff: Thank you so much for my beautiful smile. Thank you for taking such great care of me during those unpleasant moments. It was so worth it! Great things have been happening to me and I’ve been smiling so much. Hope To See You Soon!

N. B.

Dear Dr. Long: Thank you so much for my BriteSmile®! My teeth never looked better! You are the best! I can’t stop smiling now! Thanks Again.

D. D.

Dear Dr. Long & Staff: Thank you so much for the wonderful care and concern when I visited your office as an “emergent” patient. Everyone was very kind to me. I hope all of you realize that your dedication in your field is rewarded to you in knowing how much it means to others when they are in need of your expertise. Gratefully, – F.C. P.S. Please enjoy this small token of appreciation.

F. C.

My dental experience at Dr. Long’s clinic has been wonderful! It’s been 31/2 years since I had my full mouth of laminates done and I love them. The self-confidence I’ve gained as a result of my new smile has made a great improvement in my life. I especially love when people say to me, “Hey, are you doing modeling for a dentist in Wayne?” They are of course, referring to the photo Dr. Long used of me in his newspaper advertisements. I casually say “yes”. I never expected a “modeling career” to result from my cosmetic dentistry.

A. M. K.

Our twice-yearly visits help to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Our visits are pleasant. We are always made to feel welcome. The office has a warm and friendly feel. Having been a patient for 14 years, we have formed a true friendship with Dr. Long and his staff.


I am extremely happy with my new smile. People have noticed a difference but were not sure exactly what the difference was (many people just thought my teeth were just whiter). My new teeth have dramatically changed my profile which I notice in pictures and everyday I truly am grateful that I came to Dr. Long and his staff for my dental work as I always feel more beautiful when I leave.

C. D.

My name is R. K., and I was introduced to Dr. Long’s office about seven years ago when I first met my husband Ken. Ken and his entire family had been patients of Dr. Long for years. Thus, I trusted their opinion that he was the dentist for me. Little did I know how right they would be. In fact, Dr. Long’s competence and expertise far exceeded my highest expectations. Since becoming a patient, I have had routine dental work, bonding to fill spaces between teeth, two crowns, and porcelain veneers. The combination of these procedures has completely enhanced my smile. In addition, I recently used the BriteSmile® treatment, and I am now frequently complimented on the whiteness of my teeth. At Smilepartnerz, you are treated like a family member. In addition to being highly knowledgeable in their field, the entire staff is courteous, kind and helpful. The demeanor of the office is always cheerful. No matter what day or time you visit, you are always greeted in a warm and welcome manner. I’ve never before seen an office of people who smile all day long. Prior to my experience with Dr. Long, I can’t say that I looked forward to a trip to the dentist. For most of us, dental work brings with it feelings of fear and anxiety. Many procedures carry the stigma of being painful and uncomfortable. However, a visit to Dr. Long’s office is neither of the above. Unlike ordinary dental chairs, here you relax in the most comfortable massage chair, listen to the sounds of nature or classical music, and can even receive a paraffin hand wax. Each chair has a satellite television with a wide selection of programs to choose from during your treatment. This atmosphere, along with Dr. Long’s energetic, funny personality, and the friendly faces of Gail, Yessi, Tara, Lisa and Angie, makes every experience pleasant and enjoyable. Our twin sons are now 17 months old and in another year will also be utilizing the services of Dr. Long and his staff. My husband and I consider ourselves extremely fortunate to be able to place our children in such wonderful hands.

R. K.

It isn’t too often that a person gets to perform a miracle in his life – and you have succeeded in performing two. The first was to transform my smile into a look I am so excited about, something I have dreamed of for the better part of my life, something that, well, makes me smile – big! The second was to render me speechless when I saw my new, beautiful smile (nothing short of a miracle). Thank you so much. You are a master aesthetic dentist, an artist, a miracle worker, and one of the kindest (and happiest) people I have ever met. Your staff is kind, courteous, and sets the standard for patient care and customer service. Thank you to everyone. I look forward to completing the rest of the work that we discussed. In the meantime, I will just keep on smiling.